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2 months ago

Named after the small village of Morbier in the Jura mountains where it was first made. The ash layer in Morbier Cheese originates from an old cheesemaking tradition. The cheesemaker would take leftover curd from making Comté, sprinkle a little ash on top to stop a skin forming, then top it up in the morning with the next day's curd. Today, the vegetable ash is purely decorative.

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

There are four days left in our Annual Fall Owner Drive - and it's a great time to sign-up and renew! Not only can you still get in on the 10% discount through 10/31, but we are excited to gift you a FREE 45 Anniversary tote bag as well. Not coming in this week - it's super easy to do online!

2 months ago

Certified Piedmontese Chuck Rolls are only $5.99 lb this week, while supplies last!

2 months ago

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About the Board

Wally Graeber

Originally from the land of dairy in Wisconsin and have briefly lived on both coasts between Washington, DC and San Francisco, California. My family moved to Lincoln in 2019 to pursue our educational goals. I am grateful to be serving on the Open Harvest board as Chair for the next two years through 2023. I aspire to be more inclusive of voices in our decision-making process as we explore store relocation and an important community capital campaign. I am excited about what an equitable, inclusive, and diverse future looks like for our cooperative organization.

Recent graduate from the University of Madison- Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

I have learned from many different facets of our food system including as a cheesemonger, classroom nutrition educator, lettuce distributor, salami producer, vegetable garden club leader, and a handful of other food-related positions. Land manager & farmer are next on the list!

Urban gardening, yogurt making, and exploring our tallgrass prairie remnants are my top most enjoyed activities. I am excited to dive deeper into abolition, pollinator habitat restoration, and native seed saving in 2021. I believe that the health, safety, and welfare of each of us is integrally tied to our neighbor – which includes all forms of our community from land, water, wildlife, and people. Our energy is tied to all life around us.

Regional landscape planning, online marketing & microgreen growing.

Rosina Paolini

Open Harvest is a vibrant community I want to continue investing in.  I learn something from every visit, whether it be about food or our community. The cooperative principle is the business model of the future.  We invest in each other making our local community more resilient in light of what may be happening nationally.

I served a term, been the secretary. I am engaged in multiple committees, the Annual Meeting, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Committee, and have been  on the Election Committee in the past. I try to get to know the staff and express the value in their being and hard work. I learn much from our staff.

Our board needs the experience of past board members to move forward with changes in our society, changes in the coop and continue to build our community. I foresee our store evolving to better serve a broader custumer base, to attract and support inclusivity in the products offered 

As a current board member, we come to understand the finacials, margins, the expenses of running a cooperative. Understanding the need for our policies to reflect the current times, with the need to be available and inviting to all.  My experience as secretary, writing charters and chairing various committees so that I may mentor the next person into these roles. 

As co-chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity committee, I brought Inclusive Communities to our forefront to assist us with improving our cultural competancy. 

I worked with the Expansion committee to understand how location and size may better serve our community.

During the renovation at Open Harvest,we created an improved deli space, community seating and reorganized the location of the shopping carts.  I assisted with hammer in hand.

I show up prepared for meeting and provide another lens on the issues at hand. I feel the presence of board members in the store creates a unity with the staff and membership for more opportunities to listen to your needs.

Corey Rumann

I am originally from Wisconsin but spent a great deal of my life out west and have lived in a lot of different places in Wyoming.  Prior to moving to Lincoln in 2012 I lived in Iowa and then in Georgia for a short time.  Our family has been a member-owner of Open Harvest since we moved to Lincoln. Through my Board experience I want to help strengthen Open Harvest’s sustainability and future success.  I also believe we can all do a better job of making sure we are addressing issues such as systemic racism and financial inequities intentionally and with care and diligence. It is vital that we are constantly striving to make Open Harvest an inclusive and equitable space for our local community and staff members.

I have degrees in psychology and counseling from the University of Wyoming in Laramie and a doctoral degree in higher education leadership from Iowa State University in Ames.

My spouse and I are both faculty members in the Department of Educational Administration at UNL.

We have two children, a six-year old and an eight-year old, so a lot of my time is spent with them and my family.  I love to be outside as much as possible and can frequently be found in Wilderness Park hiking with our two dogs.  I also try to be involved in various community and volunteer activities many of which involve the kids’ school and other activities.

I am always looking for ways to be more engaged in addressing social justice issues and better understanding my role in confronting equity and inclusion as a person with many privileged identities.  That journey is an ongoing process and most recently I have been involved in workshops and experiential learning addressing structural racism.

Lori Ashmore

I am a proud mom of two awesome daughters. My husband and I love good food and enjoy spending family time in the kitchen cooking. We teach our daughters the importance and value of buying and eating local foods. Open Harvest provides that classroom and a strong link to our community and local food producers.

While I currently am a small business owner here in Lincoln, I got my B.S. in Wildlife Management from UNL and worked on a recovery program for Nebraska’s only endangered flower, the Blowout Penstemon.  After deciding a change was in order, I got a Nursing degree and was a Labor and Delivery Nurse for nearly 10 years.

I enjoy reading, birding, gardening, walking my dog but most importantly exploring the world with my family.

Anna Hernoud

I was raised in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln South East and attended the University of Nebraska. I have been in Banking for over 20 years. I am passionate about community involvement and feeding people. I am married to Lenny and have a 22 year old daughter named Claire. We have 2 dogs and enjoy taking them for walks.

To relax I like to spend time outside, read books and paint.

I am an Abolitionist! I am working toward eliminating White Supremacy in cooperative spaces and the greater society.

Carla McCullough

I have a deep passion for Open Harvest.  A foodie at heart, good quality local food and farming have been a part of my life from birth to today. I joined our co-op in 2000, shortly after moving to Lincoln, started volunteering as an herb stocker a few years later and served on the board from 2006-2016.  In the recent past, there has been a lot of turnover on the board and I feel as though my working knowledge of board and store operations would help Open Harvest in this transitional era.  I am interested in helping in the transformation of our co-op to a better, brighter future.

B.S., Biology, Marquette University
B.S., Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
M.S., Environmental Science, West Texas A&M University
Watershed Science Extension Educator, UNL-School of Natural Resources Event Coordinator, Hub Cafe
Biking, gardening, cooking, camping, writing, quilting, canoeing, and Duolingo.
Organizing groups and projects
Consensus building
Public speaking
Spreadsheets and data analysis
Event planning

Keith Dubas

I’m a native of Grand Island, NE, but have been in Lincoln the majority of my life and continually for the past 28 years.  Having graduated from UNL with a graduate degree in architecture I became a registered architect in 1980 while working for the Lincoln/Omaha firm of Bahr, Vermeer and Haecker, Architects.  Following my 4 years at the firm I became involved with a UNL project to open a new university for Imo State in Nigeria and spent the majority of a year on the ground in Owerri, Nigeria.  After leaving that program I consulted for several Lincoln architecture firms before moving to NYC where I lived and worked as an architect in Manhattan for 8 years.  In 1992 I returned to Lincoln and have worked independently since that time.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years plus and have been an organic food consumer and discovered OH as an essential source for my diet and health.  Living lightly on the planet is an important principle that I work at refining both in lifestyle and in my work. I’m a home owner in the Near South Neighborhood, live in a multifamily residence with tenant neighbors, and enjoy the company of an extended feline family.

In 1995 the Open Harvest General Manager, Jerry Johnston, asked if I would consider being on the OH Board.  I was on the Board for 16 years with 4 years acting as Chair.  I then volunteered at the co-op for several years before that program was eliminated.  With the departure of several board members this past year and being largely retired I recognized an opportunity to try to serve the co-op once again.  As before, I’ve found the current board members to be a group of diverse and committed individuals to living out the 7 co-op principles and look forward to working with them on the challenges of business ownership.

Shah Uddin

I am originally from Maryland and moved to Lincoln four years ago after my wife took a position at the University of Nebraska. We moved here with our daughter, who is 4 and takes up most of my time. I am on the board because I believe in the work that Open Harvest does and I want to help it be better. I want to put my skills and experience to good use and better integrate myself in the Lincoln community.

I graduated from the University of Maryland in 2004 with a B.A. in Economics.

I was a bartender at Zipline as of a couple of days ago but am currently focusing on our daughter who is at home. My past experience includes as a Logistic Supervisor at Best Buy Warehouse in California. Logistic Clerk at the Community Foodbank of New Jersey.

I enjoy biking, running, reading, and spending time with my daughter. Recently I have been baking sourdough bread.