About the Board

Anna Hernoud

I was raised in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln South East and attended the University of Nebraska. I have been in Banking for over 20 years. I am passionate about community involvement and feeding people. I am married to Lenny and have a 22 year old daughter named Claire. We have 2 dogs and enjoy taking them for walks.

To relax I like to spend time outside, read books and paint.

I am an Abolitionist! I am working toward eliminating White Supremacy in cooperative spaces and the greater society.

Carla McCullough

I have a deep passion for Open Harvest.  A foodie at heart, good quality local food and farming have been a part of my life from birth to today. I joined our co-op in 2000, shortly after moving to Lincoln, started volunteering as an herb stocker a few years later and served on the board from 2006-2016.  In the recent past, there has been a lot of turnover on the board and I feel as though my working knowledge of board and store operations would help Open Harvest in this transitional era.  I am interested in helping in the transformation of our co-op to a better, brighter future.

B.S., Biology, Marquette University
B.S., Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
M.S., Environmental Science, West Texas A&M University
Watershed Science Extension Educator, UNL-School of Natural Resources Event Coordinator, Hub Cafe
Biking, gardening, cooking, camping, writing, quilting, canoeing, and Duolingo.
Organizing groups and projects
Consensus building
Public speaking
Spreadsheets and data analysis
Event planning

Keith Dubas

I’m a native of Grand Island, NE, but have been in Lincoln the majority of my life and continually for the past 28 years.  Having graduated from UNL with a graduate degree in architecture I became a registered architect in 1980 while working for the Lincoln/Omaha firm of Bahr, Vermeer and Haecker, Architects.  Following my 4 years at the firm I became involved with a UNL project to open a new university for Imo State in Nigeria and spent the majority of a year on the ground in Owerri, Nigeria.  After leaving that program I consulted for several Lincoln architecture firms before moving to NYC where I lived and worked as an architect in Manhattan for 8 years.  In 1992 I returned to Lincoln and have worked independently since that time.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years plus and have been an organic food consumer and discovered OH as an essential source for my diet and health.  Living lightly on the planet is an important principle that I work at refining both in lifestyle and in my work. I’m a home owner in the Near South Neighborhood, live in a multifamily residence with tenant neighbors, and enjoy the company of an extended feline family.

In 1995 the Open Harvest General Manager, Jerry Johnston, asked if I would consider being on the OH Board.  I was on the Board for 16 years with 4 years acting as Chair.  I then volunteered at the co-op for several years before that program was eliminated.  With the departure of several board members this past year and being largely retired I recognized an opportunity to try to serve the co-op once again.  As before, I’ve found the current board members to be a group of diverse and committed individuals to living out the 7 co-op principles and look forward to working with them on the challenges of business ownership.

Jarvis Green

Jarvis originally was born in Chicago Illinois, but later relocated to Norfolk, NE at the age of 11. This is where he grew up the rest of his adolescence. In high school he met his now wife, Ale. Together they have a 5 year old son, Thaddeus, who they enjoy spending time with on adventures, learning, and homeschooling. They have been living in Lincoln since 2013, and have enjoyed how open minded Lincoln is to healthy living. Nutrition is a huge part of their lives. Both areas Jarvis grew up in were food deserts. He is passionate about health and helping people  live healthy lives through diet and exercise. 


Undergraduate in Exercise Science- Peru State College  

Graduate in Master of Science of Organizational Management Economic Development & Entrepreneurship- Peru State College 

Undergraduate in Exercise Science- Peru State College  

Graduate in Master of Science of Organizational Management Economic Development & Entrepreneurship- Peru State College 


Owner, Gemhealthfitness LLC | God Every Moment
Fitness Trainer, Madonna Proactive
Personal Trainer, Coople Family YMCA & Cooper YMCA

Video editing 



Health & Wellness


Brain storming 

Business Development 

Trying new recipes

Team player 






Goal driven



My faith in Jesus Christ is what sustains me throughout my life.

I believe food is medicine that can be used to heal and maintain our bodies. 

Our bodies are temples. We must care for them accordingly.

I believe fitness is essential for a long and abundant life.

Lynne Ireland

I have over 20 years of experience working in the service industry. I have 15 years working in non-profits with either leadership or communication positions. I also have fundraising experience.

Kay Walter

I moved to Lincoln from Iowa City (home of New Pioneer Co-op) in the early 1980s and quickly became a member of Open Harvest. Shopping at Open Harvest has been a weekly family activity for many years. And, as one of the founders of the Hawley Hamlet Neighborhood Garden, eating local and organic is a way of life for myself and my family. Now that I’m retired from UNL, I have time and enthusiasm for community work relating to affordable housing and healthy foods–especially those foods grown or produced by local or area farmers and ranchers. Supporting local producers is one of Open Harvest’s strengths and one way of ensuring Lincoln’s long-term food security. I am also excited about the store’s new location in the Telegraph District and look forward to its expanded stock and services.

Sara Brubacher

I spent my childhood in Crete, NE, but since then have lived in Pennsylvania, Ontario (Canada), San Francisco, and occupied Palestine (Israel). My parents moved to Lincoln in 2008 and I have visited them often for extended periods. I moved back to Nebraska myself in 2021 and have greatly enjoyed the community I have found here and look forward to expanding it!


I worked for many years in community development, peace education and refugee resettlement. My experience led me to understand the essential role of holistic health, of access to healthy and local food and wellness products, and of local business – including alternative structures such as co-ops – in the overall goal of a just and sustainable society. Eventually I studied to become a clinical herbalist because I wanted to provide more direct support to alleviate the suffering I witnessed around me and I am passionate about the healing power found in the plants that grow all around us. I am in the process of starting my own small business running a herbal wellness clinic, growing herbs and vegetables, and providing space for events, retreats, and hospitality on a historic spring-fed prairie property.

Open Harvest is a cornerstone of the Lincoln community, providing an important place for the reciprocal relationship between local growers and producers and the members looking for those goods. As a board director I hope to help it to continue to thrive, grow and serve this community

BA Honours, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

BA Honours, Religious Studies, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Certificate in Clinical Herbalism, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Business Owner, Sky Chief Springs

Clinical Herbalist, Starflower Botanicals


Walking with my dog


Personal growth

Cooking and preserving food

Deep conversation


Organizing groups