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21 hours ago

Mark your calendars Nebraska! We are so excited to be a scheduled stop on the 2019 Fall Book Tour of Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of... The Annual Meeting Committee is working on the details right now. The event will be open to the public, with the author in the store for most of the day too. You don't want to miss it!

The OFFICIAL FALL BOOK TOUR is out! Hope to see you at one of the whopping 70 events. Excited to keep spreading the promise of food co-ops in the age of grocery giants. 🛒📖😁

More details at

1 day ago

A local classic, don't miss out on Shadow Brook Farm and Dutchgirl Creamery plain chèvre. 20% off this week only while supplies last!

1 day ago

It’s THURSDAY & Macro Vegetarian is back in the house! Vegan fare produced in a solar powered facility arrives each Thursday and they go FAST! Get your dumpling fix! #todayatthecoop #macrovegetarian #realfood

2 days ago

Are you looking to join our team and help continue to build our community? We have full-time and part-time positions available! Learn more at:

3 days ago

You can accomplish quite a bit when you roll up your sleeves and cooperate 😆 We are so proud of all the changes we made last week in our deli line and seating area—What do you think so far? We are also very thankful for the help we received from Paula, Meredith, and Billy at NCG! This week we are working out a few final kinks and look forward to celebrating the completion of this project with you in September. Stay tuned!

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The views expressed by community members posting on this board are solely their own and do not represent the views of Open Harvest Co-op Grocery.

The community posting boards at Open Harvest is primarily used as resources for the benefit of our communities. The board provides a place for citizens and community groups to post fliers and posters to advertise upcoming events, items for sale or trade, services, etc. Due to limited space and our priority to create a welcoming environment, information should correspond with our Global Ends Policy to support a vibrant community.

The community board is located near the exit door at the front of the store.

All poster materials must be submitted to the Customer Service Desk for consideration and posting by an Open Harvest staff member.

Each posting must meet the following criteria:

1. The removal date must be written in the corner of the poster/flier (event dates do not meet this requirement).

2. Only one poster/flier may be posted per organization per event.

3. Poster/flier cannot depict slogans or images that denote profanity, hate speech, or sexually explicit content.

4. Poster/flier cannot support the politics of a specific political candidate or party.

5. Posters/fliers will be left on the board for one month. Front End Supervisors maintain this board and remove posters/fliers after they have been up for one month.

6. Open Harvest reserves the right to remove any and all materials from our property for any reason.