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22 hours ago

🙌🏻 PRODUCE HAS ARRIVED! 🙌🏻 We are working our butts off to get these pallets broken down and on our shelves ASAP. 🍎🥝🍋🍐🍊🍌🥕🥦🧅🍠🍅🥑🥒🥬
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1 day ago

Whew! It's been nearly a week since we've provided any formal updates. There is a lot to keep track of, so hopefully this summary will help keep all of the information clearly organized.

Friendly reminder that our store hours have changed to 10:00 am-8:00 pm daily, with special shopping hours for high risk customers from 9:00 - 10:00 am.

While our deli service counter & seating remains closed, our staff is doing a fantastic job of keeping our grab-n-go full of your favorites. You can find soups, salads, sides, sandwiches, wraps, meals and more. A select deli menu will soon be ... See more

1 day ago

"Stand proud! Grocery store employees are super heroes, keeping the stores clean and stocked so we can get our food during this mess! Love all of you! SMILE!!! It’s contagious and makes everyone feel so much better too!"
-Chris L.

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3 days ago

As you can imagine it’s been a crazy couple of weeks at Open Harvest. Keeping up with the ever-changing demand to ensure our shelves are stocked and staff is healthy has required a brand new kind of cooperation!

Our staff continues to work tirelessly to keep our co-op running, and we are incredibly proud of their hard work, positive attitude, and keen flexibility. You have a crew of heroes working for you!

We’d like to give you an opportunity to share your message of love, encouragement, & positivity with our team.

Kind words and air hugs will go a long way around here – and we are ... See more


February Board Reflection

Dear Open Harvest Owners,


As a new board member with three meetings under my belt, I am empowered (and a little overwhelmed) to know that I have so much to learn!  I had no idea the general manager produces monthly reports for the board to review on the financial standing of the co-op, let alone monitoring reports that are continuously reviewed to make sure we are in compliance of board policy.  I am in awe of the “behind the scenes” that goes on to make sure the co-op is in good standing and continues to make progress in the right direction.


We started a financial training series on February 5th. The web-based course enlightens us on the financial aspects of running a food co-op.  We only have one under our belt as I write this, but there are three more to go and it has been very informative.


One of the policies reviewed at the February 5 board meeting was L3. It states the manager must protect co-op assets and keep equipment adequately maintained. The general manager discussed maintaining the HVAC, refrigeration, and electrical systems, and how she keeps service logs. We also discussed the transition to Paylocity which will empower employees to keep track of their hours and benefits.


NCG trends from September 2019 have been released and reviewed. Good news……  Open Harvest is staying on with the curve. Is there room for improvement? Of course, but let’s celebrate the good! When it comes to local, we knock it out of the park! There were 94 local vendors that worked with Open Harvest in 2019.  We sold 3,042 ½ gallon bottles of Burbach milk, 3,415 pounds of honey, and 134,104 eggs! Additionally, people want fresh bread, and we got it and it couldn’t be any fresher. Keeping it in the refrigerator will prolong its freshness!


FINMOO is upon us!  February 13 at 5:30 pm at the Foundry, 14th & P Street. It’s a great opportunity for co-op owners to review the 2019 finances and 2020 goals. We would appreciate your participation and your thoughts!


In cooperation,

Lori Ashmore

Open Harvest Board Director