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2 hours ago

"Open Harvest staff does a fantastic job of meeting the needs of customers regularly but even more so now! Thank you for your efforts to keep everyone safe & healthy. -Virtual hugs from a thankful member-owner"

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7 hours ago

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2 days ago

"Open Harvesters! You are kind, wonderful, helpful people who provide the backbone of the co-op that has been a staple of my life as long as I've lived in Lincoln. I'm always amazed by how quickly any question I ask is answered, by your knowledge of the inventory, & by how many people recognize me & even immediately direct me to what I've come for if it's been recently moved when I stop in. My entire family is hopelessly devoted to you; if my mother can't get her mixed organic baby carrots, there's some serious grumpiness going on. Thank you for all you do, & for keeping us safe & fed in ... See more

3 days ago

We are proud to be part NCG and one of the 147 food co-ops across the US supporting our community ❤️

The COVID-19 pandemic has already illustrated something that food co-ops have long known to be true—grocery stores are pillars of our communities—and grocery store employees are the ones who bring community care and leadership to life.

4 days ago

🙌🏻 PRODUCE HAS ARRIVED! 🙌🏻 We are working our butts off to get these pallets broken down and on our shelves ASAP. 🍎🥝🍋🍐🍊🍌🥕🥦🧅🍠🍅🥑🥒🥬
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March Board Reflections

Dear Open Harvest Member-Owners,

At the March 4th Board meeting we opened with a board reflection which has been a tradition for awhile now. The question posed by our chair was ‘What personal value have you received from serving on the Open Harvest Board?’. This question was timely for a number of reasons. The board has recently been pushing through quite a bit of financial training during the month of February, there was lots of work done by the board in preparation of the FinMOO (Financial Meeting of Owners) last month and we have already started planning our board retreat scheduled for next month. Needless to say there has been plenty of opportunities for ‘outside the board room’ engagement this last month. In response to the question Directors reflected on being humbled by the work of the Board, grateful for educational opportunities, thankful for our collaboration, and proud of our work as a board. As I noted then, I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our community, our co-op family. I have learned over and over, you get what you give. All of you reading this reflection are part of that co-op family. Whether you are deep in the depths or pop in a couple times a month, you are an important part of our co-op family.

This month we had Member-Owners join us for our meeting. Now, Member-Owners are always welcome at the meetings but it honestly doesn’t happen very often. The Member-Owners that joined us this particular Wednesday night came to engage in community, discuss our co-op family and help us work to become an even better version of ourselves, they showed up. That is what family is all about after all. We value each and everyone of you. We wouldn’t be a co-op without your engagement, your presence, and your support. We need each and every one of you to engage or shall we say cooperate to succeed as a grocery, as a community. We want you to receive personal value from your Membership at Open Harvest. More than just nutritious food for your belly, community for your soul. We are proud you are a part of our co-op family. We hope to see you soon, at a community dinner, over lunch, in the isles or even at the next Board Meeting, April 1st at 6pm, we will have a seat for you.

Jen Burianek

Open Harvest Board of Directors