May Board Reflection

Dear Open Harvest Members,


The theme of our May board meeting was transition. As we go into summer, we can now see the end of the pandemic very near. We thank our members for their continued assistance with the health mandates that keep staff and customers safe. As we get to a new normal, the store has seen some positive signs with an increase in deli sales and in-person shopping.


We are also moving along with our Capital Campaign and have elected Carla McCullough as the committee chair. As always, member-owners are encouraged to participate and have their voices heard. As we continue our commitment to learning, the DEI committee has found opportunities with local institutions to grow and learn and strive to be anti-racist in the pursuit of our ends statements. The DEI Committee also encourages our member-owners to join in our journey by attending monthly committee meetings.


Just to have in the back of our minds, the annual Board Election cycle is coming up in a few months. Please think about joining the co-op leadership team as a director — we are in need of diverse skill sets, experience, and perspectives. Again, we thank our patrons who have endured through these challenging times, but we are most definitely looking forward to a return to a bit of normalcy.



Shah Uddin

Board Secretary