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3 months ago

Our store hours are 12 pm - 7 pm, daily with early shopping for 60+ or immunocompromised from 11 am - 12 pm.

Our hours may be shorter, but we're still working hard to make sure we have what you need when you need it!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support ❤️

3 months ago

We've streamlined the ordering process so that you can maintain social distancing while still enjoying one of your made-to-order favorites!

3 months ago

Our made-to-order burritos are BACK starting May 5th!
Available Monday - Saturday. 12 PM - 6 PM.

2X Punch Burritos May 5 - 16.

CINCO DE MAYO SPECIAL (May 5 - one day only!):
Buy any Burrito, get a Free Mini Burrito

3 months ago

When you shop at our co-op from May 1 - 16, you have the opportunity to round up your grocery bill in support of HarvAid.

HarvAid is an employee assistance fund created to help Open Harvest employees who experience a financial crisis. Funds raised at the register during the first part of May will be deposited into the HarvAid fund and earmarked to support staff who are directly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 months ago

Another reminder that you are able to shop at our co-op while still maintaining your social distancing! Learn more about our NO CONTACT Curbside Pick-up at


May Board Reflection

Dear Open Harvest Owners,


We are coming up on our May Owner Drive and I want to express my gratitude for being a new member of the Open Harvest family. Being one of 2,800 owners of our grocery store brings me a strong sense of being rooted in cooperative values in local food, a resilient local economy, and a culture of inclusivity. As a newly appointed Board Member just a few months ago, witnessing the day in and day out hard work and dedication of the Open Harvest staff and board of directors, while in the face of a global pandemic, is truly inspiring. The safety, health, and community response we have seen from our store has inspired me personally and professionally to take a closer look at my day to day choices. We are all lucky to be connected to so many compassionate, smart, and dedicated leaders on the Open Harvest staff. To be an owner of the store with you all feels like the right place to be, now and into the future.


While we are all experiencing the COVID-19 differently, being an owner of Open Harvest means that we are actively investing in the health of Lincoln and Nebraska together. In turn, our co-op grants us all with voting rights, member discounts, and the pride of owning a grocery store together. Our co-op’s cooperative structure really makes our shared ownership unique. Our collective investment in Open Harvest continues to create a safe & healthy place to shop, nourish our families, and improve the economic health of our community.


With much uncertainty in our community’s near-term health, I am confident in Open Harvest’s ability as a strong cooperative organization that continues to improve the economic health of our local economy. The co-op continues to uphold socially & inclusive responsible practices and in turn, supports economic justice to improve our resiliency. These important goals outlined in our cooperative ends statement keep us focused on our community’s well-being inside and outside of the store.


We are proud to support our community now more than ever – by providing a safe place to work and shop and a dependable outlet for local food producers. You can be an essential part of the co-op community by investing in your store today!


When you invest in Open Harvest (sign-up or renewal) during our May Owner Drive (May 24 – 31), you’ll receive 20% off one shopping trip during our Owner Appreciation Week (June 1 – June 7)! All current owners will receive 10% off during this time.


We’ve made it really easy to sign-up online just go to our website and fill out our online form:


To be an owner of Open Harvest with everyone is both an honor and a privilege. I hope you feel the same and lean in with me to support our store as we all continue to learn what it means to be a resilient, cooperative, flexible, place to access safe food in our community.


In cooperation and good health,
Wally Graeber
Board Secretary