April Project Update

December Project Update

Amy Tabor, General Manager

Seasons greetings! Open Harvest Co-op Grocery is in the midst of a historic project – the relocation of our 48+ year old co-op from the space it has occupied on South Street since 1990, to a new home in the Telegraph District. 

Construction of our new store is nearly complete! But what did it take to get us here today? Let me tell you!

Since groundbreaking this summer, our highly collaborative construction and design team has been working diligently to adhere to our timeline and project budget. This includes weekly meetings on-site, with our team from NCG joining us remotely. 

That’s not to say that issues haven’t come up – that’s too be expected in a project as complex as a grocery store. However, I’m very proud of our team as we’ve navigated these issues to find solutions that work best for our store. 

In addition to regular store operations, our staff has been working with NCG Retail Specialists to finalize food service programs, determine product selection, and working with local vendors to bring in new products or gauge participation in our Grand Opening festivities. Our marketing team has been actively attending events, wellness fairs, and connecting with the business community through the Telegraph Business District Association. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but we are so excited about the progress and how this new store is coming together.

As we move into this final phase of our time at South Street, it’s my hope that you will continue to support our staff as we make final decisions. When we open the new store, it’s going to look different, it might smell different — but it is our goal to provide as many of the things that you love about Open Harvest as possible, so that it does eventually feel like home. There are certain programs, products, and lots of equipment that will not move to the new store. Please know that a considerable amount of thought and consideration went into these decisions. We hope you will give us a chance as we find our way in our new space; providing grace as we settle in.

Keep an eye on your e-news, social media, and our website for the latest updates on the relocation project, including a special announcement of our Grand Opening very, very soon!

Owners are also invited to attend monthly board meetings every first Tuesday of the month from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm via Teams. Please RSVP at and join us.

In cooperation,

Amy Tabor

General Manager