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3 months ago

Our store hours are 12 pm - 7 pm, daily with early shopping for 60+ or immunocompromised from 11 am - 12 pm.

Our hours may be shorter, but we're still working hard to make sure we have what you need when you need it!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support ❤️

3 months ago

We've streamlined the ordering process so that you can maintain social distancing while still enjoying one of your made-to-order favorites!

3 months ago

Our made-to-order burritos are BACK starting May 5th!
Available Monday - Saturday. 12 PM - 6 PM.

2X Punch Burritos May 5 - 16.

CINCO DE MAYO SPECIAL (May 5 - one day only!):
Buy any Burrito, get a Free Mini Burrito

3 months ago

When you shop at our co-op from May 1 - 16, you have the opportunity to round up your grocery bill in support of HarvAid.

HarvAid is an employee assistance fund created to help Open Harvest employees who experience a financial crisis. Funds raised at the register during the first part of May will be deposited into the HarvAid fund and earmarked to support staff who are directly affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 months ago

Another reminder that you are able to shop at our co-op while still maintaining your social distancing! Learn more about our NO CONTACT Curbside Pick-up at

Board of Directors

Matt Pirog

Board Chair

Megan Jackson

Vice Chair

Wally Graeber


Aaron Druery

Rosina Paolini

Corey Rumann

Lori Ashmore


The Bylaws set out the terms of Co-op membership, election and duties of the Board of Directors, duties of officers, duties of the General Manager, and meetings of the membership. The bylaws are set by the Board of Directors and changes are approved by a vote of the membership.


The Articles of Incorporation set out the business structure and purpose of the Co-op. They also set out how the Co-op is capitalized (through the equity payments of member-owners), and they empower the Board of Directors to draft and amend bylaws.

Annual Report

Each year the Co-op releases a report around the time of the annual member meeting. This report includes a report from the GM, the balance sheet, and an income statement compared to previous years. The annual report gives member-owners an opportunity to track the Co-op’s progress over time.

Board Policy Register

Open Harvest’s Board of Directors uses a formal system known as policy governance to establish a structure for its work. The Policy Register is the document which sets out the details of how we apply policy governance. The Register describes the roles and responsibilities of the Board, and the methods it uses to oversee the co-op.

Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

The Open Harvest Board of Directors meets at 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month at The Foundry, 211 N. 14th Street in Lincoln. Meetings are open to all member-owners who wish to attend. If you would like to suggest an item for the agenda, or to express your viewpoint on an issue coming before the board, please contact Board Chair Megan Jackson at before the next scheduled meeting. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the holiday, the July Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 10th.

Upcoming Board of Director’s Meeting DRAFT Agenda

July Meeting AgendaDraft

*This is a draft version of the agenda for the upcoming board meeting and is for information purposes only. We reserve the right to modify the agenda at any point before the final version is approved for use at the upcoming board meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes

Fill out the following form 10-days in advance if you want to bring a specific topic to the Board’s attention or want to make a presentation at the meeting!
For inquiries needing specific answers outside of Open Harvest Board Meetings, contact us.

Open Harvest Co-op Owners are welcome to attend the regular meetings of the Board of Directors, which are now held via Zoom video conference on a monthly basis, typically the 1st Wednesday of each of month to ensure safe social distancing.

There are five minutes near the start of the meeting for co-op owners to make any comments to the Board of Directors and for the Directors to hear them. If a Board response is required they will follow up at a later date with a response.

Co-op Owners attending are welcome to observe full regular Board Meeting via Zoom. They may not attend any executive session meetings of the Board of Directors which are needed for confidential matters (typically related to legal, real estate, financing or personnel issues).

All Open Harvest Co-op Owners attending via Zoom Video Conference must complete a request form and be officially accepted into the meeting.  These are private business meetings for the purpose of the Board doing its work of governing the cooperative as authorized and empowered by the co-op owners. These meetings are not open to the public and participants are required to agree to act in good faith by not including others not individually accepted as co-op owner participants in the meeting, recording the meeting, or otherwise using their participation for reporting information to the public.