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2023 SEED Nominations

Seed The Change

Simple yet powerful community giving

The work of Seed Program Nominees should align with our Ends Statement, which reads:

Open Harvest Co-op Grocery exists so there will be a vibrant community that:

  • Has access to healthy, organic, and local food
  • Supports economic justice and strengthens the local economy
  • Upholds inclusive, socially responsible practices
  • Contributes to a strong local food system and a sustainable environment
  • Embodies cooperative principles

In addition, priority will be given to organizations that:

  • Are based in the communities served by Open Harvest.
  • Reflect the cultural and racial diversity of our communities.
  • Are nonpartisan and do not advocate a particular religion.
  • Are registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

2022 recipients will not be eligible for a 2023 nomination.



    In order for your nomination to have the best chance of being accepted, all nominations should have complete & accurate information.