GM Update

Last year’s 2019 Business Plan laid out plans to renovate our deli service line and expand our deli seating area. The goal of the project: improve the customer experience and create a larger, more comfortable space to gather and share a meal, meet a friend, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Initially, the project included a vestibule for better climate control. A capital campaign was explored, and the board made necessary revisions to our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation in preparation to grow our co-op equity to fund the project. However, over the course of the last few months, we figured a way to accomplish a revised version of the project on a slim budget, where a campaign is no longer needed.

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Our Deli Reset Project is an important part of our plan to improve our overall customer experience in 2020. The results will:

Expand several prepared food programs – hot options ready to grab and go, new sandwich menu, and naan pizzas

Expedite our lunch and dinner services – quicker trips through the deli line so that you can enjoy that meal!

Provide an expanded seating area for 24 customers – a wonderful setting for our upcoming $4 community dinners, an impromptu family gathering, or a comfortable space for meetings.


I’m pleased to announce that our Deli Reset Project is slated for completion in mid-August! With the help from NCG consultants, we plan to complete the reset project in two-day phases with minimal interruption to customer shopping.


Look for a Grand Reveal party at the end of August. KZUM will be in the store setup for a live remote radio show, enjoy a $4 dinner with your friends, enjoy live music, and more!


After a year of hard work planning and reassessing our strategy, I’m so excited to be able to finally share this project with you! You can stay up-to-date on our progress and hear all about our Grand Reveal party by signing up for our weekly e-newsletter on our website or through Facebook.

In cooperation,

Amy Tabor, GM