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4 weeks ago

Named after the small village of Morbier in the Jura mountains where it was first made. The ash layer in Morbier Cheese originates from an old cheesemaking tradition. The cheesemaker would take leftover curd from making Comté, sprinkle a little ash on top to stop a skin forming, then top it up in the morning with the next day's curd. Today, the vegetable ash is purely decorative.

It's a great time to try Morbier! 25% OFF for a limited time!

4 weeks ago

Your community-owned co-op knows how important it is to get delicious food for your family at the best prices. Save money this week (and every week) on products you love - check out our new FRESH DEALS for this week (good thru November 3rd)!

4 weeks ago

There are four days left in our Annual Fall Owner Drive - and it's a great time to sign-up and renew! Not only can you still get in on the 10% discount through 10/31, but we are excited to gift you a FREE 45 Anniversary tote bag as well. Not coming in this week - it's super easy to do online!

4 weeks ago

Certified Piedmontese Chuck Rolls are only $5.99 lb this week, while supplies last!

4 weeks ago

Last day to save $2 on bagged yellow Yukon potatoes — stock-up while you can! 🥔 🥔 🥔


Hate has no home here.

Open Harvest’s Board has come to learn, from a variety of sources that Ross Brockley has espoused a hateful rhetoric of anti-Semitism, bigotry, and Holocaust denial over the course of many years. In addition, community members have reported experiences and interactions with Ross Brockley which raise both safety and inclusivity concerns.

Ross Brockley is not associated with Open Harvest in any capacity, however, he is a former member and former Open Harvest Board Member. The Open Harvest Board of Directors and management rejects this anti-Semitism, bigotry, and Holocaust denial without hesitation or reservation. The Open Harvest Board of Directors regrets Ross Brockley’s past inclusion as a board member of our co-op. Open Harvest has the right to refuse service to anyone who creates an unsafe or unwelcoming environment. Directors and GM are asking that Ross Brockley no longer enter Open Harvest and is therefore banned from the store effective immediately.

Open Harvest’s Board of Directors and management are working diligently to amend our policies, code of conduct, and signage so that, in the future, Open Harvest can act quickly to address hateful and divisive behavior. The Board of Directors, our employees and store management will be receiving additional training/education. With the actions being taken, Open Harvest hopes to reestablish itself as a provider of a culturally inclusive and safe environment for future generations.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Board of Directors at and the General Manager at

In cooperation,
Board of Directors & Management