June Board Reflection

Hello OH Owners,

My name is Jarvis Green, one of the newest board members as of December 2021. I’m so excited to be a part of our cooperative board leadership in this period of transition and growth. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time and am excited to get to listen to many great stories about how Open Harvest has transformed over the last 47 years.


Share Our Story

To amplify the message of the co-op online, what we need right now is for you to follow, like, comment our social media and share your story of why you shop and are a member of our cooperative community.


What’s New?

Four of our board members went to a Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) conference in Sioux Falls, SD. We all got a chance to collaborate with other food co-ops around the USA. We also recently had a board retreat to get better aligned for the next 6-12 months around our goals of raising $2M in owner investments and talking to each owner on the phone by July 31st.


What is the board working on?

We are focused on raising a whopping $2 million dollars to have a smooth transition from our current location to a our new proposed location in the Telegraph District. What an exciting and high energy time to be apart of this journey! Please join us in spreading that energy to your neighbors and fellow community!


What is the board excited about?

We are really excited about the new Telegraph location being near downtown for all upcoming activities and getting to know our new neighbors. We are also excited about the upcoming board elections which will launch here in the coming month. If you have ever considered or know anyone who wants to make an impact in our cooperative community, please check out the forthcoming board candidate application on our website.