May Board Meeting Reflections

Dear Open Harvest Owners and Patrons,

At the May Board Meeting on Wednesday, May Day, we shared our dreams for our Open Harvest by the year 2035. Our board was unanimous in a vision of giving to the whole community the fruits of our success; multiple stores with a door opening a sister co-op in Omaha, holistic health, a food truck, and online ordering. These were just a few of our dreams envisioned for Open Harvest’s future.

How easy it is to dream big when Open Harvest can celebrate another successful quarter of sales and other strong financial indicators. With the succession planning created by Amy Tabor through restructuring the L9 policy, Open Harvest looks forward to celebrating future positive financial statements.

Open Harvest’s Spring Owner Drive engages us all with the introduction to the renewal card program. When you refer a friend, you could win a $50 gift card to a local business of your choice. Our goal is 100 sign-ups in 7 days – you can even renew early! The person with the most referrals wins!!! The Owner Drive and contest conclude on May 11th, 2019.

As the Election Committee gears up for recruitment of new Open Harvest board members, we invite you to our meeting on June 5th.  You can acquaint yourself with the board and the policy that governs the board’s actions.

Open Harvest is about community and bringing people together. A priority for our board and store is to examine diversity, inclusion, and work to understand what it means to erase bias in our community by prioritizing these morals within our store.

Strategic conversation surrounded the future goals and priorities of the Board over the next 1-3 years. Board members brainstormed priorities and categorized each by the need to learn or act. They discussed the interplay and interwoven nature of the listed priorities and ranked the top 3 priorities they believe the Board should be investing energy in over the next 12 months. More to come on the 3 priorities and the strategic conversation around those priorities.

The Open Harvest Board invests time reviewing the board packet and comes to the board meetings prepared to have a fruitful outcome to share with our community.

Please join us Wednesday, June 5th 2019 at 6 pm for our next board meeting.

Be fruitful and grow,

Rosina Paolini
Open Harvest Board of Directors