November Board Reflection

Dear Open Harvest Community-


This month, we have a dedicated, cooperative member completing their three-year board term. Matt Pirog has invested in Open Harvest as an in-store volunteer, staff member, farmer, Finance Committee Chair, Board Vice-Chair, and most recently Board Chair. He has shown our community what it means to lead with authenticity and compassion. Most recently, Matt helped us face difficult questions around our cooperative’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I can say with confidence, that with his dedication and energy, our organization is healthier, stronger, and more caring. In his absence, I hope we can all invest in becoming an organization that strives to be anti-racist, increase our investment in community equity, and shows our love through the food system we create together.


As our General Manager, Amy Tabor, shared during our virtual 45th Annual Meeting, we are actively exploring relocating the store based on the terms of our lease agreement. This is both an exciting and large undertaking to which we must all meaningfully contribute. In this multi-year process, we are evaluating new location options, a new store design, and focusing on who we will be serving. This time of change marks an opportunity for us to all step up and bring our skills, expertise, support, and investment to our community grocery store.


Whether you are a past, current, or future owner, we all have a chance to re-invest in our store through our inclusive & socially responsible values. Our cooperative ends statement reminds us that we strengthen our local community through economic justice while increasing access to healthy, organic, and local food. Our future actions must follow these goals and define who we are.


Finally, our 4th reading during the 6-month Abolitionists Challenge is The Souls of Black People by W.E.B DuBois. If you would like to learn with us, a free audio version can be found here with


In cooperation,

Wally Graeber

Board Secretary