Phase 1 Wrap-up

Greetings Open Harvest Cooperators!

Summer is in full swing here at Open Harvest and bursting with all of the energy and enthusiasm of a bustling beehive. Our staff, board, and volunteers have been busier than bees working away on phase one of our Owner Investment Campaign. As such, it’s time for a much deserved break for our co-op team and to wind down phase one so we can rest, regroup, and reinvigorate ourselves.

In this first phase of the campaign, we’ve focused on spreading the word of the co-op’s relocation and seeking investments from our already robust and engaged co-op member base. Open Harvest staff, board, and volunteers have worked in earnest to connect with each of the 2,300+ co-op members. I’m both excited and grateful to share some current statistics from the campaign:

  • 2,151 calls have been made by staff, volunteers, and the OH board to co-op owners
  • 304 Owner Investment packets have been requested
  • $200,000 awarded to us from HFFI grant
  • $437,115 in completed investments + donations
  • $204,271 in pre-commitments + pledges
  • Donations/Investments+Pre-commitments= $641,271
    That’s just over 32% of our $2 million goal!

While we are emboldened by our current numbers, our journey to fully-funded is far from over. We look forward to the launch of phase two of our Owner Investment Campaign after our midsummer reprieve. Phase two will include another call campaign, community outreach and engagement through co-op events, and seeking out large donors in local Lincoln businesses and organizations.

Ram Dass said, “to be in a body is to act”. To be here in this exact community and at this exact time is no mistake. And to be here in a body during a particularly difficult time in history requires that we show up for each other and our community. A collective – a community- owns a co-op. Nothing is ever accomplished alone. So how can you show up during this highly charged time to create some serious long-term, impacting good for this community and beyond?

Volunteer: We need volunteers to help us make phone calls and assist at community events! Do you have skills and time to share? Please reach out!

Invest: Investments start at $1,000/share. Purchase one to nine (1-9) shares for a 2% dividend rate, or purchase ten or more (10+) shares for a 3% dividend rate. These shares are non-voting, so you need not worry about a hostile corporate takeover – we’re still a cooperative! Start by requesting an investment packet. 

Donate: We are able to accept tax-deductible donations through the Lincoln Community Foundation as our fiscal sponsor. You can donate online here:

Shop: Shopping at the co-op is not only a great way to support this campaign, but it also stimulates our local economy, supports local farmers/vendors, and gives back to important community organizations through our SEED program and other outreach opportunities.

Spread the word: Lastly, tell your friends to join the co-op! Wax poetic about the campaign! Share Open Harvest social media posts far and wide!

To learn more about how you can help us grow Open Harvest and ensure that it continues to thrive for another 47+ years, head on over to our website: There you will find answers to FAQs, a relocation timeline, and a digital form you can fill out to receive more information on investing. Additionally, you can reach out to me – your local friendly campaign coordinator- at See you in the fall for phase two cooperators!