September Board Reflection

Harvest Thoughts
By Keith Dubas, Board Member


It seems hard to believe that it is time to think ‘harvest’ after a hot and dry summer.  There’s been too much heat and not enough moisture, but with the help of irrigation in alliance with nature there WILL BE a harvest.


It is time to think about harvesting at our beloved Open Harvest Cooperative, too.


This is the right time to harvest all the investment packages that went out to our members who pledged to help the coop relocate in the coming year.  The Owner Investment Committee is continuing its work to grow the investment in the relocation with efforts at attracting new member-owner investment, while at the same time searching for major donors to help raise the necessary capital to obtain financial investment from banks.  The relocation can’t happen without both. 


The Open Harvest Board is in the fields looking to harvest potential new Board members.  Our 47-year-old coop has operated under a volunteer Board of owners dedicated to keeping the doors open and the co-op principles in force.  This is a vital position to be taken responsibly.  Member-owners  interested in running for the Board will be required to attend the October Board meeting (via zoom) October 5th.  The meeting is held for 2 hours from 6 until 8 on the first Wednesday of every month.  The election period is the last 2 weeks in October.  A meet and greet with the candidates will be scheduled prior to that time.  Information to complete a candidate’s application can be found on the web site or can be obtained in person at the store. 


Harvest time brings the celebration of our member-owners’ annual meeting in early November.  The Board Committee is actively making plans for the event to be held in person this year.  The date is yet to be confirmed, but tentatively plan for Sunday, November 6th at the Jayne Snyder Trail Center (next to Hub Cafe).  The invitation will be open to all member-owners, and we’ll have more to announce soon.  Look for it on the website and in postings around the store.


In your own, personal way, take time to be mindful of harvesting the many blessings each of us can enjoy at this time of year as we prepare for the months ahead.