July Board Reflection

Dear Open Harvest Owners,

At the July 10th Board meeting we opened with a type of thanksgiving Each attendee reflected on Amy Tabor’s (Open Harvest’s General Manager’s) accomplishments, impacts and influences over this last year.  The list was long and heartfelt.  I won’t share all of the noted achievements however, I would like to share that there was such warmth and gratitude felt by everyone in the room. Amy has taken on everything from the minuscule details of running a business to leading and empowering staff members, management and the board of directors. Amy does a lot to set the tone and pace of Open Harvest. She is a great leader and listener. For this we are all grateful she is part of our community and has taken on the role of General Manager at Open Harvest.

From there, Amy Tabor presented the Business Plan for the next fiscal year. The development of the Business Plan is not a one person job. The entire Open Harvest Management Team in addition to outside experts collaborated with Amy on its development. Most of the management team was in attendance as a show of support for the developed business plan and Amy Tabor’s hard work and vision. The Business Plan provided was thorough, embodied our Ends Policies and will help to continue to lead the Co-op on it’s path to making a vibrant healthy community.  Some of these actions you will notice before your eyes as the co-op physically changes over the next months, other actions lay strategic plans of analysis for our cooperative future. There are truly great things in store for our co-op.

Moving forward the Election Committee will continue to engage with potential candidates and continue to plan for elections later this year. If you are interested in seeing if a board of directors position might fit your strengths please come and join us at an upcoming board meeting. We would love to see you!

Jen Burianek
Open Harvest Board of Directors